Our terroir

The lands of Cahors

The Château de Rouffiac vineyard covers 30 hectares of Cahors appellation vines on the Lot hillsides in the communes of Duravel and Puy-l'Evêque.

The astonishing terroir of Château de Rouffiac wines

The profile of the Lot valley offers winemakers a wide range of terroirs in which to produce exceptional wines, and Château de Rouffiac cultivates vines spread over several of these terroirs.

Siderolithic soils

This unique soil type is made up of clay, limestone and iron-rich rocks, allowing the vines to thrive in a warm, sunny climate. The limestone acts as a natural filter, allowing the vines to absorb essential minerals and nutrients from the soil, while the iron-rich rocks add a unique minerality to the wines.

Clay-limestone soils

Clay-limestone soils are renowned for their ability to retain water, ensuring a steady supply of water for the vines. They also provide good drainage, encouraging root development and limiting the risk of grape rot. Limestone soils provide essential minerals that are reflected in the wines produced. 


Our vines

Our vines are located in the western part of the Cahors appellation, in the communes of Duravel and Puy-l'Evêque in the Lot department of the Occitanie region. Our vines are spread across the different soil types of the appellation and are all on the right bank of the Lot, with a predominantly southern exposure.

Our terroir combines the advantages of clay-limestone soils, optimum sun exposure, varied altitudes and proximity to the river, creating ideal conditions for producing great wines.  

Discover our Wines

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