Our Wines

At Château de Rouffiac, our wines offer all the complexity and depth you'd expect from a grand cru. Our team of winemakers works passionately to produce wines that are not only of the highest quality, but also imbued with a unique personality. The wines of Château de Rouffiac are the result of ancestral know-how combined with modern winemaking methods.

The wines produced by Château de Rouffiac Cahors are made from traditional grape varieties, in particular the famous Malbec de Cahors. Our cellar is located at an altitude of 350 metres, making it an ideal site for vinifying the grapes and benefiting from ideal climatic conditions. Renowned for their unique character and incomparable quality, our wines are distinguished by intense aromas, soft tannins and notes of red fruit.

Our range of wines is full-bodied and intense, with a deep ruby colour and a rich, spicy aroma. On the palate, our wines are velvety-textured, with ripe, earthy flavours of blackberry, plum and blackcurrant that linger for a long time. With a long, smooth finish and subtle tannins, our wines are well structured and perfectly balanced. 

Château de Rouffiac - En Jarre
Made from our best terroirs and matured for over a year in small terracotta jars, this Cahors is rich, powerful and velvety. It has elegant aromas of black fruit and sweet spices. Made for gastronomy, it guarantees a unique moment of sharing, now and in the years to come.
18.25 € 18.25 EUR
Château de Rouffiac - Le Fruit
This Cahors brings out the fruity aromas of our flagship grape variety, Malbec. It reveals red fruits and a fresh, silky texture. On the palate, this wine strikes a perfect balance between aromatic richness and elegance.
9.92 € 9.92 EUR
Château de Rouffiac - L’Ephémère
Reflecting the richness of our terroir, this vintage is distinguished by its specific cuvée. Revealing a broad aromatic palette of black fruits and spices, this wine will enrich your gastronomic moments, as well as your moments of conviviality.
9.92 € 9.92 EUR
Château de Rouffiac - Tradition
This Cahors is the fruit of a marriage between the siderolithic terroir of the Causse, barrel ageing and the Malbec grape variety. It reveals a harmony of black fruits and intense, flavoursome tannins. A wine made for gourmets.
18.25 € 18.25 EUR
Rouffiac - Malbec Cahors
This traditional and affordable Cahors wine is seductive with its toasty, crunchy fruit aromas. Available now, it will add a touch of deliciousness to your social gatherings.
8.25 € 8.25 EUR
Rouffiac - Malbec Rosé
This Malbec rosé seduces with its intense aromas of citrus fruit and crushed strawberry, enhanced by the spicy notes characteristic of this grape variety, and is an invitation to conviviality and indulgence. Its fruity complexity makes it the ideal companion for aperitifs, grilled meats or even Asian cuisine.
6.58 € 6.58 EUR
RoufiaK - Acacia
This distinctive white wine from the Lot valley is made from Chardonnay and Viognier grapes and benefits from additional ageing in acacia barrels. It has a rich texture and remarkable freshness. Its aromas of yellow and exotic fruits make it a perfect choice to accompany fish, white meats and grilled vegetables.
9.92 € 9.92 EUR